Standing out from the crowd is often a difficult task for any business, especially those in the automotive industry. While some dealerships try and fail to maximise their online presence, others are able to leverage specific techniques successfully. The truth is, all you need to do is apply a few simple tips to see some positive results.

1. Maximise Your Online Reviews

No matter how great your vehicles are, audience perception can make or break your online reputation. If you are delivering high quality service, then encouraging clients to review you on platforms such as Google is a great way to prove yourself to other potential customers. Once you have a solid star rating going, commenting on reviews is another way to foster direct engagement and boost your SEO in the eyes of search engines.

2. Engage in Website SEO

Speaking of SEO, Search Engine Optimisation is a great way for your target audience to discover your website organically. While Google reviews do play a part, your website’s SEO is where you are going to want to focus a lot of your attention. Direct improvements that can be made to your SEO include implementing specific keywords into your content and frequently updating your website through a blog. Maintaining your online presence is supported by good website SEO but is also boosted through the positive use of other platforms such as social media.

3. Focus on Social Media

A platform like Facebook can be a huge aid in building relationships with your customers. Once you have a strategy set, reaching out to your audience on social media is a great way to keep your dealership in the public eye. Beyond your vehicles, posting interesting and useful content will help give users a reason to come back for more. Most people use social media, so it makes sense to leverage it to your advantage. Another aspect of Facebook that should be utilised is its paid advertising opportunities, specifically targeted advertising to reach the right audience.

4. Use Targeted Paid Advertising

When you create an ad on Facebook, there are many options that allow you to choose who will see it. From their location to their interests to even their job title, targeted paid advertising lets you get straight to the type of person that might buy your vehicles. Google offers similar features, where your website will show up as an ad when the right person in the right area makes a particular search. As this is just one technique that can be employed, dealerships need to remember that adopting a number of different approaches will reap the most rewards. One particular option that is proving highly effective is vehicle videos.

5. Highlight Your Vehicles Via Videos

A vehicle is more than just a static image, it’s a moving experience that evolves with every kilometre it travels. While photos can be a good way for potential customers to view vehicles, videos are far more effective and engaging. Many dealerships are now recording videos of their vehicles, highlighting the key features that deserve to be shown off. It’s not only about observing them on the road either as seeing the inside of a car can be just as informative. Platforms such as YouTube are a favourite for these videos but so are social media channels like Facebook. As discussed earlier, posting engaging content is a great way to display your dealership. Perhaps vehicle videos are the game-changer you have been looking for.

Take Your Dealership to The Next Level

These modern marketing techniques have reshaped the way dealerships are operating. By employing fresh ideas, many dealerships are choosing to stand out from their competition. All you need to do is implement a few of these tips correctly and you are guaranteed to see the benefits far sooner than you think.
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