If you put yourself in the shoes of a potential customer looking to purchase a vehicle, there are certain factors that contribute towards deciding on a dealer. Yes, they will be looking for particular cars within a specific budget, but grabbing their attention must be done in an artful way. An advert simply showing a car in a showroom is likely to be missed by most, but a well-designed banner will get them interested far quicker. In order to turn heads, dealers must revamp their digital presence. Thankfully, the design team at iX are able to make a dealership look better than ever before. 

Beautiful Banners that Generate Leads

All the designs from iX come from a team of highly skilled individuals. They have the ability to produce banners that are not only good to look at but are also made to target specific audiences. Throughout the year, you may want to communicate your deals to a diverse range of individuals. This can be done through the use of multiple campaigns that use attractive artwork within a focused strategy. Of course, these plans are often created with many platforms in mind. Providing a total solution, all the web banners that iX creates can be customised for a variety of social media channels. These include Facebook, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Instagram and Google My Business.

With everything mentioned above, you may now be wondering about the costs involved. In order to provide you with an effective design service that saves you money in the long run, monthly packages are available at a variety of levels. Agreeing to ongoing banners lets you spend less on each design made. The more you want, the less they will cost. Beyond recurring agreements, you are also able to request banners on a pay as you go basis. These cost a little bit more but let you run a quick campaign once off. 

While it is possible for a dealership to create designs inhouse, time and resources need to be allocated, often resulting in end products that don’t always work as intended. Requesting the services of iX lets you have peace of mind, knowing that you are in the hands of designers with many years of experience. Contact us today and let’s discuss your new banners.