Following the recent fuel price increase, the cost of petrol has passed the R20/litre level for the first time on record. This news has naturally caused quite an uproar from consumers who have already been struggling financially due to the pandemic. The sad truth is that the price of petrol will continue to rise over time. With this in mind, it makes sense for car owners to improve their fuel economy by changing the way that they drive.

Make Your Petrol Last Longer

To begin with, you should be focused on your vehicle. Of course, a proper driving style is important but we need to prioritise the car itself. Taking care of your mode of transport will not only save you money on petrol but will also cut costs in other areas. For example, a well-tuned and regularly serviced engine allows for the least amount of petrol to be used. Without proper maintenance, a car can burn 30% more fuel. This number is significant on its own and will only become more impactful over time. Other ways to reduce petrol consumption through vehicle care include monitoring tyre pressure (to reduce road resistance) and removing unnecessary weight (as every kilo can make a difference).

Beyond the car itself, it is also important for the driver to be mindful on every journey. Speeding is one thing that should be avoided (as most people know) but it is still important to use higher gears when your vehicle is comfortably able to. This is because the higher gear you drive in, the lower your engine speed is, which can improve fuel efficiency. Another cost-cutting method is to turn off your engine when in a slow queue or if you are waiting for someone. Despite what some people say, the technology of vehicles has improved dramatically in recent years. Starting your car no longer uses more petrol. In fact, idling is where you will burn far more fuel.

Save Money The Smart Way

Waiting for the petrol price to increase again will only worsen your stress and anxiety. The best course of action is to take matters into your own hands. Saving money through car care and smarter driving is easier than you think and can be done rather quickly by following a few of the tips laid out in this article. 

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