To stay relevant and successful within the motor industry, dealerships need to manage their leads efficiently and effectively. No longer can time be wasted in the pursuit of keeping things the way they used to be. Staying ahead of the competition can only be done by taking full control of leads. To do this, quality systems need to be introduced, allowing for the optimisation of processes.

Get All Your Leads in One Place

An efficient Leads Management System lets dealerships take control of their leads in a completely productive way. With a system like this in place, there are two key priorities. Firstly, the automated collection, processing and distribution of stock, and secondly the return, collection and distribution of resultant enquiries/leads via SMS, email and/or XML to various leads management systems. By simplifying the process through the integration of new technology, dealerships have access to all the information that they need. A Leads Manager guarantees that all online leads are available in one place, saving dealers the unnecessary time spent using multiple platforms. What makes this even better is the successful integration with other systems. Offering the ability to connect with your DMS, manufacturer leads and more, the unwanted hassle of managing many systems is removed completely.

Implementing a Leads Manager ensures a centralised location for all leads, making it a must for every dealership. iX can provide a complete solution when it comes to introducing a new method for managing your leads, saving you time and money in the process.

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