With the all-new Toyota Corolla Cross landing on our shores in November, compact SUVs (or crossovers) continue to dominate the South African motoring market. The popularity of these vehicles is based on a number of factors. Without further adieu, here are a few reasons why a crossover may be the perfect choice for you.

The Advantages of Compact SUVs

1. Improved Fuel Consumption

Unlike their larger SUV counterparts, crossovers do not require as much petrol or diesel due to their smaller size. In this way, they are much closer to sedans and allow for better fuel efficiency on every drive. No matter how long your journey, your wallet will be smiling thanks to the money saved.

2. Increased Storage and Passenger Space

As they are larger than regular cars, compact SUVs come with bigger boots as well as more legroom for adults and children alike. Whether you are embarking on a holiday or simply doing the daily rounds, crossovers offer an extra level of comfort thanks to their space.

3. Better Handling

While most SUVs use a body-on-frame design, compact SUVs typically utilise a unibody arrangement. By having the body and frame as a single component, they deliver noticeably smoother handling. In fact, they are even better than most cars in this respect thanks to many offering four-wheel drive.

4. An Elevated View

When compared to a sedan, crossovers position the driver higher up. This accessibility feature may seem like something minor but, for many drivers, this adds a lot of value to the journey. At its core, higher seating simply allows for an extra layer of confidence when compared to other vehicles.

5. Enhanced Safety

Due to being heavier than most cars, compact SUVs are far safer in the unfortunate event of a collision. They are also generally more secure than normal SUVs as the previously mentioned unibody arrangement offers crumple zones that greatly increase your chance of survival. Truthfully, this is likely the most important benefit featured in this list.

The Facts Speak for Themselves

As you can see, crossovers combine the advantages of cars and SUVs to deliver a package that many South African drivers adore. For more interesting articles centred around the motoring industry, stay tuned to our blog. We update it frequently with posts that are guaranteed to keep you well informed

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